Parramatta Ermington Sydney Home Renovation

A typical 1960’s weatherboard Parramatta / Ermington Sydney home with an old terracota tile roof.
The maintenance costs were becoming absorbinate.

Before - Parramatta Ermington Sydney Home Renovation

Before – Parramatta / Ermington Sydney Home Renovation

The old weatherboards would have needed to have all the paint stripped, undercoated and then painted, also some of the boards had dry rot along with the old  timber facias on the gables.The gutters needed replacing along with the downpipes and the facias also needed painting.

The old eaves also needed repair. The old terracotta roof needed a restoration, as it was covered in lychee, the pointing of the tiles was in a very bad way

The backalite fittings on the power line point of attachment to the home needed to be changed. (the Tiger tails were removed after the job was finished, they are there to protect my tradesmen.)
Now have a look at the amazing after photo!

The existing weatherboards have had all the dry rot cut out and been covered with Palliside UPVC weatherboards.

The roof has had all the broken tiles replaced, cleaned, antifungicided, rebeded and pointed, as you can see it looks just like a new roof!

The rotten facia boards on the gables were removed and the Palliside weatherboards finish under the tiles to give a cleaner look.

All the gutters,downpipes and barges were changed to colorbond,the facias were also covered.
The eaves and verandahs were lined with Icon eave sheet.
No more painting for this Parramatta Ermington Sydney Home Renovation

The only mainenance required is a wash and this cottage will look like new for another 50 plus years

After- Parramatta / Ermington

After- Parramatta / Ermington Sydney Home Renovation