White Isn’t Always White

Colour is one of the most frustrating things people always have to deal with when they’re trying to re-decorate, even when it comes to the shade of the palliside cladding they prefer. After all, there can be anywhere between two to twenty different shades for every colour, and not everyone can tell the difference between any of them.

Shades of the colour white can be the most difficult to tell apart. First, the only experience most people have with the colour is the colour white; they never bothered learning the different shades of it.

Reasons for Shade Blindness

Remember how a box of crayons had brick, mauve, and yellow green in addition to red, brown, and green? White didn’t have anything like that. The closest white had to a different shade of colour was grey, and that doesn’t necessarily count as a shade of white anyway.

Second, the names of the shades are taken from what most people would agree to be examples of white instead of shades of white. This makes trying to classify them a frustrating exercise where no one sees anything different from one shade to another until they squint hard and kind of see it for the first time.

What is Ecru?

Imagine being told to tell the difference between eggshell, ivory, bone, and ecru – without knowing what ecru even is in the first place. The only way to be able to develop a skill in easily identifying shades of colour is to experience those different shades every day. This is so that the eye can pick on the small differences in lightness of the different shades.

Fortunately, our clients will not have any trouble with our Palliside Cladding Colour Chart. For more information on the renovation solutions we offer, contact us today. We promise to take it easy on the whites.