Why Palliside Cladding is the Best Choice for a New Look

Deciding to upgrade your home can be a daunting task and for many it’s too expensive to completely reconstruct the exterior of a home. Choosing Palliside cladding is a long term investment, saving you money for years to come. It is the most cost-effective choice, integrating style with energy efficiency, weather protection, and low maintenance. The ability to create a new facade is largely appealing to most clients and I am available to walk home owners through every step of the process with my 45 years of experience.

There are a lot of things to research and consider before deciding what is best for your home, with your requirements, budget and preferences and my experience we can decide which choice is best. The best option is one that leaves you happy, your home secure, and makes the most sense economically.

The Benefits to Palliside Cladding

  1. It’s incredibly easy to have installed. A whole house can be covered and given a fresh new look in under a week, making it the fastest choice when it comes to house renovations.
  2. Palliside cladding comes in a range of beautiful colours, from crisp white to sage greens or soft yellow. These colors are all long-lasting, and unlike paint, won’t chip, fade, or peel away. The innovative design of Palliside includes full color siding, meaning the entire piece is the color of your choosing.
  3. There are very few exterior renovation options as cost-effective, economical, and beautiful as Palliside cladding. It’s the highest ranking return on investment project for home owners who will eventually sell their home.

External cladding makes the most sense for many homes across the country, and it may be time to see if Palliside is the right decision for you. When it’s time to revamp your home, call us at Peter Bracey and Palliside Cladding Renovations in Sydney to discuss your exterior cladding options.