Choosing Palliside Cladding Before Fibre Cement Board Siding

Fibre cement cladding is an environmentally sustainable exterior siding option, created from wood fiber (usually waste product), cement, and sand. Fibre cement cladding is simple to create, costs significantly less than vinyl to manufacture, and is easy to affix to a home. But the upkeep of fibre cement cladding is extensive—it requires regular repainting, and cleaning to ensure that the cladding is resistant to weather, pests, and deterioration.

Palliside cladding, on the other hand is weather resistant, virtually resistant to peeling, splinting, or rotting. It’s thicker than other house cladding materials and is specifically designed for homes in Australia, where weather is extreme.

The Weather Resistant Benefits of Palliside Cladding

Palliside cladding resists most common hazards, like fire, wind damage, insects, and water warping. It can withstand cyclone region C or terrain category 3, meaning that it protects Australian homes particularly well. Ideal for all climates, Palliside cladding is impervious to rot, as they are designed with anti-capillary channels that repeal water, and unlike other traditionally green housing materials, Palliside cladding is termite-resistant.

Because Palliside Cladding can be customized to any color before installation, the possibilities are endless for home improvement, whether home owners are renovating or building a new home from the ground up. The color is solid throughout the cladding, meaning the color is impervious to fading, peeling, or blistering. And because Palliside Cladding doesn’t warp or flex with the seasons, it won’t flex, bubble, or snap in extreme weather conditions.

The decision to upgrade your home can be intimidating. I want to help you though every step of the process, from first consultation to final installation. Contact Peter Bracey and Palliside Cladding Renovations in Sydney today to schedule your first appointment and see how easy revamping your home siding can be. Don’t become overwhelmed by your choices—trust in my professional knowledge and guidance.