Never paint your verandah ceiling!

The two photos are an example of Palliside cladding and eave sheet used in new construction.
The patio ceiling is vaulted to allow light to enter the open plan home, highlites have also been added to the roof to enhance the light entering the stacker doors.

The white eave sheet lightens up the area giving it a warm glow and the best is that the clients built from new their Hampton’s style home with Palliside cladding and eave sheet and will never have to paint ever!

Saving them tens of thousands in maintenance costs over the life of their new home, just a hose down is all that is required to keep this cottage fresh and bright.

Peter Bracey also installed 6 metre stacker doors with stainless screens to take advantage of the open plan and the patio area views blending the outside with the interior of the home!